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Discover the Lupo Experience


Discover our camping style accomodations! Different options are available to you and the entire family. 


Guided Tours

Book a VIP guided tour at the LUPO Wolf Sanctuary! You'll have the opportunity to observe our wolves up close and enjoy exclusive access during our VIP behind-the-scenes tours.


Summer 2024 Lineup

Discover a season full of exploration and adventure at the LUPO Wolf Sanctuary! Enjoy our unique and enriching activities for the whole family.


Our mission

The mission of the LUPO Wolf Sanctuary is dedicated to fostering awareness about the vital role of wolves in Quebec and Canadian wildlife. Our primary goal is to provide positive education on wildlife and ecosystems, aiming to enlighten the public on environmental issues and promote peaceful coexistence.


Adopt a wolf

Sponsoring a wolf is a powerful way to support the well-being and conservation of these majestic creatures. At our wildlife refuge, we offer a unique opportunity to become a vital part of our mission to protect and care for wolves in need.


Hiking and Trails

Explore the pristine beauty of the hiking trails in our sanctuary, where captivating wilderness meets a sanctuary dedicated to nature preservation. Enjoy spectacular viewpoints, numerous photography opportunities, and discover our zen area where you can take a moment to recharge.


Discover Lupo

LUPO is open 12 months a year offering a unique experience. The Sanctuary aids in the survival of the wolf populations, while educating the public about wolves.

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