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Our planet needs wolves

Visit the most important
wolf sanctuary in Québec.


Discover the Lupo Experience

Visit the Wolves

Join us in the Sanctuary to meet our Ambassador Wolves! Get your general admission ticket to come and witness our wolves up close, and benefit from our entire site.


Guided Tours

Book your guided tour with the Sanctuary's founder. You will have the opportunity to observe the wolves up close, benefiting from exclusive access.


Hikes and trails

Explore the pristine beauty of the hiking trails at the LUPO Wolf Sanctuary, where the enchanting wilderness meets a sanctuary dedicated to the preservation of nature.


Become a member

Become a member of the LUPO Wolf Sanctuary and be part of our mission, while enjoying exclusive benefits such as special gifts, the latest news and much more.


Adopt a wolf

Sponsoring a wolf is a powerful way to support the well-being and conservation of these majestic creatures. At our wildlife refuge, we offer a unique opportunity to become a vital part of our mission to protect and care for wolves in need.


Become a volunter

Calling all nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers! Our Sanctuary is always in need of dedicated volunteers to join our passionate team and make a real difference in the lives of our resident wolves. Your assistance is crucial in helping us fulfill our mission of wolf conservation and animal care.


Discover Lupo

LUPO is open 12 months a year offering a unique experience. The Sanctuary aids in the survival of the wolf populations, while educating the public about wolves.

Follow the evolution of the Sanctuary

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